Bonds of Vengeance Review

Bonds of Vengeance by David B. Coe is the third book in the Winds of Forelands series.I’ll be upfront with everyone right now. I’m disappointed. I expected things to ramp up now that we’re three books in but instead, I got pretty much the same ‘ol same from the previous two books. Mind you, while I don’t consider this a deal breaker as if you’re reading book three by now, you should have already known that Bonds of Vengeance will be another slow burner. In fact, that’s what I loved about this series. However, I did expect things to get more heated, if not action wise then at the very least story wise. Because this didn’t happen, at least in my opinion, my disappointment set in for the first time in this series.

By now, readers are well aware of what is happening between the Qirsi and the Eandi people of the Forelands. A war is slowly brewing and it’s only a matter of time before the Weaver begins the next phase of his plan in wresting control from the Eandi nobles throughout the land. While I expected for things to pick up in this regard, what I got was much the same as I did previously. The nobles are still divided, some believe the conspiracy and some don’t, a betrayal here and there, another noble gets mysteriously killed or injured etc, etc. We know of who the Weaver leading the movement is by now and it saddens to say that although there were some portion of the story that focuses on him, I would have liked for a longer exposure time.

With that being said though, I won’t consider Bonds of Vengeance a filler. It still had some important events that will most likely play a larger role in the series. I still love the author’s writing ability although I feel like his creativity level has waned just a bit and it showed here in book three. With how the story have progressed in Bonds of Vengeance, I feel that there is absolutely no way I can be disappointed in book four, Shapers of Darkness. Things have just got to pick up then. With all that having said, I find myself still looking forward to the political intrigue and court drama aspect of the series as this is what I like best when I first started!


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