Dragons of a Lost Star Review

Dragons of a Lost Star is the second book in the War of the Souls trilogy set within the Dragonlance world. Initially, I didn’t want to get right into the second book after just having read the first, Dragons of a Fallen Sun, but I was too lazy to search for a new book so here I am. Most likely, I will continue straight on to the third and final book of the trilogy right after this one. So if you’ve read the first book, then you’ll most likely have a feeling of where this one will be going. I’m proud to say that Dragons of a Lost Star is definitely better then the first book in the series. For one, there seems to be more action this time around and some of the characters are well, less irritating. However, there is still one character that drove me nuts and that was Mina. I didn’t like her in the first book and I still don’t like her the second time around!

A mysterious force holds Krynn in thrall. A young woman, protected by her regiment of dark-armored knights, calls upon the might of an unknown god to bring victory to her army as it sweeps across the land. The souls of the dead rob the living of their magic. A dragon overlord threatens the very land the elves hold most dear. Amidst the chaos, a band of brave and selfless heroes struggles against an immortal power that appears to thwart them at every turn. The encroaching darkness threatens to engulf all hope, all faith, all light. The War of Souls rages on.”

What more can I say besides that the adventure continues on with Dragons of a Lost Star?! That’s basically what happens here. This second book picks up from the first and never misses a step. As in the first, there are several separate stories being told here. You have the duo of Tas and Palin trying their best to find the dark elf Dalamar and his secret castle, you have the story in Qualinost where Beryl’s army is advancing, Silvan with his worries in Silvanesti, Mina and the One God, Goldmoon and her strange transformation, and Gerard the Solamnic Knight caught between a rock and a hard place. Of course some of these stories do intertwine with one another and they do so very smoothly, although you’ll get the feeling that coincidences sure happen a lot. Storywise, Dragons of a Lost Star is just a continuation from the first book. Whereas in the first a lot of planning and scheming were done, in this one, the plan takes flight.

Character wise, not much has change from the first. No, really. Characters behave exactly the same and so there’s not much to report here. This is great except when it comes to Mina. Man she just irritates me with her One God crap. Technically speaking, I’m not mad at the plot itself but just the way Mina portrays herself and maybe that’s what the author wants, I don’t know. She’s extremely dull and boring to me for one that has the power of the so-called One God. The one good thing is that the One God will finally be revealed to us in this book and we’ll probably kick ourselves for not noticing it earlier. However, that still doesn’t make me like Mina’s character. I’m really hoping that Mina gets a tad bit more interesting in the final book because well, it’s the final book in the series. I like reading about villains and all but Mina is as boring as they come. Heck even Lord Targonne has more interesting qualities than Mina!

I am also interested in how the dilemma between Tas and the Device of Time Journeying plays out. I can’t wait to see how that one ends. Will the Kinder really have to go back in time to get smashed by Chaos or will they find out that he’s not to blame for the current problem in Krynn? Another is the situation with the elven nations. If I remember correctly, the first half of the book focuses on Silvanesti while the second half focuses more on Qualinesti. What will happen with the two elven nations? Will they unite as one and fight the even Dark Knights? So far the two books have kept me well entertained. Hopefully the third will end with a bang!

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