Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue Review

Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue by Huge Howey is the first book of four in the Bern Saga. I’ve come to know the author by reading his Wool series and was highly delighted at finding a sci-fi writer who wrote books in an easy to understand manner that doesn’t have a need to use large words and the need to over complicate things just because their work is considered science fiction. I’ve been so impressed with his work on Wool that I’ve decided to give one of his previous works a go at it as well. Suffice it to say, the author has done it again. The story itself is nothing mind blowing but I still enjoyed it from start to finish. Just like with any other genres, all that is required to enjoy this book is an open mind and a vivid imagination. When I think of science fiction, I immediately think of cruiser ships in the far distant future being able to travel from planet to planet in an open galaxy where humans get to interact with all sorts of unique alien races and species. This is what I got with Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue.

The story details the adventures of Molly Fyde, an orphan, through her up’s and down’s within the navy unit as a female pilot. One day she gets a notice that her deceased father’s ship, Parsona, has been rediscovered somewhere within the galaxy. Along with her flight simulator training partner Cole, they set out on a mission to help recover the ship so that Molly can claim ownership of it. This all sounds like a simple mission but both Molly and Cole have no idea for the ride they’ll be in once the journey gets going. In a way, this book kind of reminds me of playing a video game called Mass Effect. In it, you travel from planet to planet solving different mysteries and problems all the while getting to meet different alien races. Once in a while, you’ll even get to recruit a new member or two and spend time on your personal aircraft as a temporary interval where a break is needed from all the fighting and action. I’ve always thought this was a pretty cool experience and it allows the writer or video game developer to really expand on their creativity levels as there is so much that can be done in a open universe with dozens and dozens of planets to explore.

Character wise, Molly and Cole will be your two main protagonists. Personally, I would have loved for the author to make Molly a tad bit more unique somehow. It would have been awesome if she was a bit more on the funny side. The author seem to have no problem giving the lead role of the books he writes to a female character. Molly is not dull enough to be considered boring by all means but neither does she exhibit a unique personality trait that you’ll somehow remember after having completed the book. When Cole says at one point in the story that he’s just along for the ride, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Cole does borderline on being boring and lifeless but I have a feeling that’s going to change later on in the series. The one thing that did irritate me about this book is the childish love game between Molly and Cole. It’s clear they both have a thing for each other but neither is willing to take the first step. Luckily, this issue doesn’t crop up as often so it’s not too big a distraction. Both Molly and Cole will recruit new members overtime but I won’t ruin the fun here.

All in all, Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue is a good introduction to a promising series. If you’re into light science fiction and travelling between planets is your thing, this book just might be up your alley. The book is not long enough to make it seem a drag yet the author still seem to fit a lot of story and adventure in it. The book obviously is not without its flaws but this is another classic example of how the positive parts outweigh the negative. I’m definitely looking forward to reading book number 2!


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