Shapers of Darkness Review

Shapers of Darkness by David B. Coe is the fourth book in the Winds of the Forelands series. After being disappointed with Bonds of Vengeance, I am happy to say that Shapers of Darkness provided the redemption I was hoping for. This was the book I was actually expecting in book three. Everything from the events taking place to plunge the Forelands into disarray to the increase in action have been met satisfactorily. Oh and equally important is keeping up with the political aspect of all things concerned.

With Shapers of Darkness, I still found myself wanting to know more about Dusaan. We know why he wants to rid the Forelands of the Eandi courts and nobles but aside from a tid bit of background information given throughout the series, we still don’t really get to know just “who” he is. I guess I was always hoping for a flashback of some sort to tell the tale of the movement’s leader. I only say this because if for some reason the Weaver does perish in book five, I’ll just remember him as another tyrant or “baddie” and think nothing much of it. If more time and effort was spent on fleshing Dusaan out throughout the series, I would probably feel more attached to his character and therefore, would be a little more interested in terms of finding out whether he will triumph or meet his demise in the end.

I just realized that up until now, I don’t recall many plot twists that made my eyes go wide. I actually don’t find myself minding at all. This series started off the way it did and it has kept true to that pace throughout. Shapers of Darkness definitely has the most action oriented scenes so far in the series and it’s what you’d normally expect where swordplay and castle sieges are concerned. Nothing really new here. I expect things to turn up in intensity for the final fight and conclusion.

With book four out of the way, I can say that I am very glad to have made it thus far in the series. Book five will provide the conclusion to such an awesome series that I’m honestly a little happy it’s finally ending because I can then move on to reading other books!


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