The Alien Chronicles Review

The Alien Chronicles is an anthology composed of various authors in the sci-fi genre. Needing a break from the traditional novels/series that’s well over 400-500+ pages, I thought this particular “Chronicles” series should provide some relief. There are a couple of other in the series but I decided to stick with the Aliens theme first just to get a feel for how it goes. If its to my liking, I’ll definitely be reading the other themed Chronicles series in the future.

Due to it being an anthology, there’s definitely going to be some stories that you will finding yourself liking more than others. I found that to hold true during my reading as well. The very good news is that the stories I enjoyed reading vs. the ones that I didn’t like favors that of the former. The other good news is that even if you find yourself not liking a particular story, you could either skip over it entirely or continue reading like I did with the knowledge that it won’t continue on for much longer anyways. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to pick this up in the first place rather than read another 500+ page novel.

One of the stories I enjoyed the most was from Huge Howey called Second Suicide. What makes The Alien Chronicles so fun to read is due to how the story can be written and told from different perspectives. One story could put you in the footsteps of a scientist that recently discovered sustainable life on a bug infested planet to one where you’ll get to read the thoughts of an alien getting ready to invade planet Earth. Rather than always seeing it from the human perspective of an incoming alien invasion which we’ve no doubt seen and read in countless movies and books, it’s refreshing and fun to see it from the other side of the fence. Would the aliens have nerves of steel like we think they do or are they similar to us in that nervousness sets in as well?

If you like alien and not sure of what to read next, give The Alien Chronicles a try. If anything, you’ll find a short story that you’ll enjoy from a specific author in which you’ll then be able to see their other current works. I honestly had a blast reading this anthology and I’ll definitely be looking at the other themed series. Although not every story will be up my alley, that’s definitely okay with me because well, it’s a short story and they’re meant to be short.

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