All the Lies They Did Not Tell Review

All the Lies They Did Not Tell by Pablo Trincia is an investigative journey that tries to make sense of the phenomenon that triggered multiple kids to be separated from their birth parents and had their lives forever changed. It is based on true events that occurred in the 90’s around Italy. Ever wondered if non-fiction novels can out horror your usual fiction fan novels? Give this a read and judge yourself, especially if you are a parent.

“After all, Mrs. Morselli, children never lie.”

Dr. Avanzi

One has to wonder just how these events were even possible. It seems so far-fetched and hysterical yet therein lies the horror because it actually did occur. Many lives were shattered forever. Although the good news is that the investigative effort by the author and his many colleagues has caused authorities to relook into these events, it doesn’t justify just how it was possible in the first place. The involvement of the number of different professionals in their area of expertise at the time just makes your blood boil. It seems like as the stories got more ridiculous without any hard evidence found, more victims were uncovered. Definitely not what you’d be expecting.

“Finding the bad guy restores peace of mind.”

Guiliana Mazzoni

We should all thank the author and whoever was involved as well as Amazon for making this book one of the free reads of July 2022. I’m so glad to have picked it over the others. There is always that unreal feeling after completing a book like this, going online, searching for this story, and actually seeing links to popular journalism websites covering it as well the real photos of some of the parties involved. This book has gotten me interested in finding bizarre non-fictional investigative novels of true events.


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