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Find You First by Linwood Barclay is a psychological thriller about a very wealthy man in a race against time to find his biological children to learn if they will one day share the same fate as himself. I haven’t read a Linwood Barclay thriller in quite some time. Fast forward a couple years later and it feels like Find You First was the never next novel he wrote prior to the one I last read from him. I remember the author as being one of the best in writing these types of thriller and suspense/psychological novels and that with each one I read, I knew exactly what I was going to get from him. Find You First continues that trend.

“Oh and by the way, something really, really terrible might be about to happen to you.”

Miles Cookson

I can say I liked Find You First. It was a page turner for the most part and I think that’s what the author excels at. The characters themselves aren’t anything to write home about but I think that is part of the appeal. They usually are your normal every day people thrust into some crazy situation. For the most part, the story here is quite believable. Can I actually see someone stuck in a similar situation as Miles Cookson in real life? Absolutely.

I did my part by actually trying to just enjoy the novel and not trying to guess things too much. The reveal was not exactly what I would call surprising and the ending was a bit anti-climatic. It worked but I just felt it was a bit disappointing. I expected something a bit more smart from the main antagonist. This lead to me wishing that the novel was a bit shorter, say 50-75 pages or so?

I will continue looking forward to seeing the author’s future works. Like I mentioned earlier, I know what I’m getting with his writing. He’s good at what he does. While I can’t necessarily see myself reading back to back novels from him, I know who to look for whenever I’m in need for a good suspense thriller novel!

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