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The Riyria Revelation series is actually re-packaged into three books, with each book consisting of two books in the series. Percepliquis is actually now called Heir of Novron, which includes this book along with the previous book in the series, Wintertide.

Percepliquis by Michael Sullivan is the sixth and final book in the Riyria Revelation series and its definitely a winner! After following the characters and story for so long, everything comes to fruition here. It is the end of the road to a wonderful series and like I mentioned in my last review, I’m both sad and happy. Percepliquis is everything I hoped the book will be. I personally think it’s a tough challenge for any author to be able to write a series of books while still trying to keep the reader interested through each one. Sometimes, an author can get carried away and write forever. I respect Michael here in that he had a sound plan for a beginning, middle and end to the Riyria series and actually sticking to that plan. If you’ve read up to Percepliquis, then I’m positive you don’t need a refresher on the series. For those who have no idea about this series, then do yourself a favor and put Theft of Swords in your “to-read” column now!

“It all comes down to this. The elves have crossed the Nidwalden. Two thieves will decide the future.”

It’s funny how I could have no trouble writing up a review for the past books of the series but I’m at a complete lost of words here for Percepliquis. For one I’m so happy that the whole gang is back and together! One of the things that immediately got my attention is how much of a traditional fantasy “feeling” this had. I’ve read a lot of Dragonlance books and usually, you have a band of heroes traveling all over the world trying to accomplish a task. Here, I get that same feeling. Royce, Hadrian, Gaunt, Arista, Myron, Alric, Mauvin, Magnus, Wyatt, and Elden all join in on the fun. Oh, did I mention Myron?! I was super excited with the role he played here in the final book. The little monk rocks. I guess I can relate to Myron the most because I can see myself in him in that I’m not considered the strong dude in a group nor the one with special abilities. Being the biggest book worm in the crew, I prefer knowledge over brute strength so big up to Myron!

It’s really nice to see Arista blossom out into the character I hoped she would be. Her journey throughout the series finally toughened her up and while she’s still a princess, she can kick some serious enemy behinds. Royce and Hadrian will forever be Royce and Hadrian. I’ve always had a feeling that something wild and crazy would happen between the two thieves but that didn’t really happen. However, they do enough to keep you reading so I don’t mind that. Empress Modina also changed from a girl who pretended to be a mute to a true Empress commanding whole armies and preparing for the invasion of the elves with the fate of the human rance on the line. I’m quite happy for her. She blossomed out of Amilia’s shadow and became the focal point in the book. That in turn leaves Amilia and Sir Breckton out of the picture here in Percepliquis.

With Percepliquis, the grand feeling of an adventure returns in full gear like the first book. With that being said though, all of the other books in the series are great on their own. There’s no doubt about that. However, with Percepliquis, things just feel more “grand” in nature, which is awesome because I wouldn’t want the series to end in any other way. Throughout the entire series, I’ve never had to re-read any passage due to confusion. The story flowed effortlessly from page to page. With Percepliquis, for the first time, I was actually confused about the story. Mainly, the part about Novron and what happened in the past. When the author explains why the elves were attacking and what was the horn’s purpose, my mind got twisted for a minute or two! Luckily, rewinding a bit and slowing down the reading remedied the situation. Although Percepliquis does answer almost every question I had previously, the one thing I still didn’t get is does Royce know that Wyatt betrayed him in The Emerald Storm? At the end of that book, Wyatt was talking with Merrick and explained how he had no choice but to betray the thieves due to Merrick holding his daughter hostage. Here, although Wyatt embarks with the crew to Percepliquis, Royce hardly even talked to him and I kept waiting for the issue to be resolved but didn’t find it.

I’ve told myself that no matter how the series ended, I would be satisfied. Whether the author gave a sad or happy ending, I would support it. As long as it made sense and didn’t came out of nowhere, all would be good. Judging from the author’s previous writing style, I doubt that was going to happen anyways so it just came down to whether we were going to have a happily ever after ending or not.

All in all, the Riyria Revelation series is a thing of beauty. This marks the first time I’ve completed six books in a row for a book series of any kind. The scary thing is every book in the series was memorable to a certain degree. Usually, an author would suffer from “writer’s block” syndrome and a book or two would not equal up to what the author is capable of but I’ve got to say, Michael Sullivan did a superb job here. Honestly, the only bad thing I have to say out of this whole series is contributed to the slow beginning of The Emerald Storm. That’s it. To say that I’m waiting for the author’s next piece of work is a huge understatement.

I want to give my personal thanks to the author for creating this fabulous piece of art called the Riyria Revelations. I hope that you will continue writing until your hand can no longer hold a pen anymore.

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