Redwall Review

Redwall by Brian Jacques is the first book of 22 in the series! This one is a bit special, as I’m sure it will be to thousands of other readers as well. As a kid growing up, I remember seeing this novel in my local library, but never having the guts to tackle it for my book report. It was a pretty thick book, and like many kids at the time, we skipped it for a more simple book with fewer pages. But the book cover with the mouse holding the sword proudly remained with me in my memory. Fast-forward years and decades later, I thought, why not read it now!?” I’m glad I did because it was so much fun!

Redwall is a classic tale of good vs. evil. A bunch of woodland critters and friends must defend their abbey from a horde of rats and other foul creatures led by Cluny the Scourge, one of the most villainous rat known in the countryside. From there, hilarity ensues as you, the reader, picture groups of anthropomorphic little animals and creatures conversing, eating, performing chores for each other, and defending their abbey from their enemies just like humans would do in, say, the Lord of the Rings series? It’s absolutely charming, and it made me want to root for the good creatures even more!

The Redwall universe is definitely a world that I want to revisit from time to time. With 22 books, it’s just a matter of wanting to read the series chronologically or based on publication date. One thing to note is that although Redwall, and I’m assuming the entire series for that matter, is advertised for children, there are many fighting and violent scenes, with one or two gruesome ones sprinkled in. I have to assume that parents are more sensitive today to this type of stuff than when the book was published almost three decades or so ago.

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