Sailing to Sarantium Review

Sailing to Sarantium by Guy Gavriel Kay is the first book in the Sarantium Mosaic duo-logy series. This author by now is a legend in my opinion. I’ve read so many of his novels and rarely do I find one that I couldn’t finish altogether. The positive trend continues here with Sailing to Sarantium. Whether this is your first book or the tenth one from this author, you’re in good hands!

What makes the majority of his novels and series a joy to read is due to his ability to craft up characters with just enough intrigue and likeness to keep you attached to the plot. His characters are rarely over the top such as characters that tries to be too funny or behave in a way that is erratic. Some may obviously allude this to stale and boring protagonists and characters but I think it adds realism to his stories. Once again, the trend continues with this series.

I didn’t think at first I’d like the main protagonist but as the story unfolded I found myself rooting for him more and more. A mosaicist isn’t what some would consider to be a fun profession to read about and I still think it’s not after having read this book but the author gives enough detail to get the job done without it being a chore or a bore to slog through. World building as usual is excellent here.

I’ve always turned to this author when I want a good adult story with political intrigue sprinkled in. While I was disappointed in the first half of this book regarding this, the author made up for it during the second half. I suspect that book two of this series will involve much more palace intrigue and scheming now that the readers are familiar with the characters and plot.

I honestly don’t know what else to say here but that if you’re looking for an adult fantasy novel, give Sailing to Sarantium a try. I’m definitely in line to read the sequel. Bravo Mr. Kay. You’ve done it again. Bravo.


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