Sub-Human Review

Sub-Human by David Simpson is the first book in the Post-Human series. It is actually the prequel and although the author mentions that it is not a requirement to read this book prior to Post-Human, it will help those get a better understanding of the technology and terminology that will be used in the series. Depending on who you are, you’ll either stick to reading book series in the order it was published or you’ll read them chronologically. I’m usually the latter so Sub-Human it was for me! The book totally got me hooked right from the prologue! Definitely a good sign. The plot is definitely not something you haven’t thought of before. Shall we, as as a human species, allow intelligent A.I. to flourish? Everything we do will be a lot easier and it is a means for humans to upgrade to the next level as a species.But what if the A.I. gets too intelligent and develop a network of their own? What would it be like if the human species were relegated to being the second smartest on the planet?

As mentioned earlier, Sub-Human got me interested right from the start. The main protagonist was a little bland but for some reason, I didn’t mind too much this time around. I’ve been wanting to read a good sci-fi novel for a pretty long time and I won’t let a sub-par character stop me! Unfortunately, as the story progressed, it got me a bit more disappointed. However, it’s hard to talk about it in a review without giving spoilers so I’ll refrain myself. For those that have read the book, I’m referring to the events that happened after the Planck platform was introduced/used.

Overall though, I think Sub-Human was an okay read. I didn’t feel like it wasted my time but neither did it really do much to make me want to continue on with the series. The book started with a strong political tone to it and I actually found myself wanting more of that throughout the book. I think that would have helped expand the story even more. Maybe even some subplots would have helped. For example, getting to see more from the President’s point of view on AI. Although we know that he’s against strong AI, expanding on that would have made it interesting for the readers to see how the new world he created was possible. Summarizing it in a couple sentences doesn’t do it justice.

Nonetheless, if you’re debating on reading this series and hoping for some hardcore science fiction dosage, I don’t think you’re going to get it although you can take that with a grain of salt since I only read the prequel. If however you’re looking for a quick and easy read about artificial intelligence that won’t turn your brain into mush due to it’s complexity, this series might be for you. The other good news is that you can actually get all four books on Amazon at the moment for just a low price of $2.99!


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