The Deputy Review

The Deputy by Victor Gischler is a fun and wacky (in a good kind of way) adventure of a book. It’s probably not going to be noticed by a lot of people or to the media but if you’re looking for a quick read that is easy to follow along and won’t scramble your brains trying to look for an answer, then definitely give The Deputy a try. These are the kind of books that although you’ll definitely find flaws in them, you really won’t mind them too much because it’s not something you’ll take seriously. You purchase it, read it, finish it and that’s it. The Deputy places Toby Sawyer, who works part time in the police department at a crappy little town in Oklahoma called Coyote Crossing, in the middle of a sequence of dramatic events one after another after he was tasked to watch over a dead body. All hell breaks loose once he manages to lose that dead body and from there, things escalates faster than he can imagine them.

If I’m not mistaken, the entire events of The Deputy is all told within a nights time frame. However, the author doesn’t actually give us the exact time for when events happen. And yes, many events do happen in this book! The story is simple enough. Toby is suppose to watch over a dead body, it goes missing, people then start chasing him to dish out a beat down, and Toby goes on a mission to discover just what the heck is going on.

There’s not a whole bunch of stand out characters in The Deputy, being it’s a short book and all. You pretty much follow Toby from start to beginning. What makes the story fun is that you just can’t help but root for the guy. He’s your typical dude who swears a lot, lives in a trailer, has many problems that would plague a normal person as well, enjoys sex and most of all, he considers himself stupid. The last point makes for some hilarious dialogue and moments in the book. You see, Toby did just enough to past the test to get into the police task force. So, he’s no Jack Bauer or your typical MI5 operative. He’s human and he makes mistakes just like any other.

There are a lot of fast paced action in this book. This keeps the book exciting and to make sure you never want to put it down. Yes, there will be some bloodshed and a whole lot of gun play but for the most part, it’s not too gruesome. However, you’ll still get the satisfied feeling that sh*t just went down!

In the end, I have nothing but good things to say about The Deputy. While reading the book, I’ve tried numerous times picturing myself in Toby’s shoes and imagine how life would be in such a desolate town out in the middle of nowhere. While some of you might see the ending from a mile away, it shouldn’t hamper the book too much. The Deputy was a free download on my Kindle device and many like to use the phrase “You get what you paid for”. Well, I’m glad to say that I have read many interesting books in the free Kindle section and some of them even beat one’s I’ve had to pay for. The Deputy is one such book.

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