The Maid Review

The Maid by Nita Prose is a heartwarming novel about a hotel maid with a very peculiar outlook on life becoming the prime witness to a mystery murder at the Regency Grand Hotel. To be clear without giving it up, this novel is not your typical “whodunit” type story. This is very different than what you’d expect from classic murder mystery storytelling like Murder on the Orient Express or Knives Out. The main focus of the story is our strange but friendly maid, Molly.

I am your maid. I know so much about you. But when it comes down to it: what is it that you know about me?

Molly Maid

This story evoked all types of emotions out of me. At first, it was quite fun being introduced to Molly. Her passion for cleaning and adhering to such a high standard for what 9 out of 10 people would think is such a lowly position is contagious and at times charming. Molly understands that she is different than most people and that she has a hard time catching on to things that most would immediately recognize without so much as a second thought. Her unique take on life is what makes the story interesting to read. It wasn’t until about the 50% mark I realize that Molly’s situation is can be such a sad and depressing one. One that even reminds me of myself and others that I know of. Here we have someone who is obviously doing her very best at a job that clearly no one really wants to make a career out of in life if given the choice. Here we have someone who understands that she is different from most yet still not understanding why people react differently to her. This is about someone who does their best yet still get bullied and taken advantage of but still being able to remain positive throughout it all.

You can’t judge a person by the job they do or by their station in life; you must judge a person by their actions.

Molly Maid

I’d say The Maid’s story itself is just slightly above average. The mystery murder at the hotel wasn’t exactly a thriller. I originally expected the story to be told through multiple characters POV, in which each person has their own motive and agenda. I didn’t really like how things went once the police were involved. There were some things that made me scratch my head but understandably, this novel is not a courtroom drama nor is it billed as a true detective/crime novel. For what’s it worth, I did find myself highlighting quite a few awesome life quotes from both Mary and her Gran to add to my collection.

My truth is not the same as yours because we don’t experience life in the same way.

Molly Maid

I’d definitely recommend The Maid as a quick read. It can be quite sad when it hits you but it is also quite uplifting. Reading about Molly’s unending quest to be the perfect maid possible despite her shortcomings and life situation is just incredible. Many people will go through life not wanting to perfect their craft at work. Many people will likely not be as thrilled as Molly to go to work everyday and give it their all even though their job pays a lot better and likely easier than a maid’s. The Maid, if anything, is a refreshing read, especially if you’re going through a rough patch yourself.

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