Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart Review

Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart by Jane Lindskold is the second book in the Firekeeper saga. I had a pretty decent time with Through Wolf’s Eye and was pretty curious to see how the story would progress. I had some expectations but unfortunately, the turn of events happening here in the followup isn’t enough to keep interested. It’s a shame really because I thought character progression was decent for the most part and that they were forced to make some difficult decisions throughout the story. It just didn’t provided the push in the storyline to make me want to continue the series, or at the very least right onto the very next book.

“If we do not give them wisdom, we are dooming them to failure.”

Royal Elk

Regarding characters, Firekeeper seems to have grown up a bit more. She’s obviously the same Firekeeper we love from the first book in that she still thinks and acts like a wolf at times but is starting to learn more about the subtle ways of human interactions and behavior. She’s obviously the star of the crew. Derian in my opinion is the same. Wise for his years but not too fun to read about. Elise I felt got more book time here than in the first and at times it felt like she got more than Firekeeper. Her struggles with future responsibilities as a baroness along with her attempt to contain her emotions where Sir Jared is concerned can be repetitive and tiring at times. But I do think because of this, she as a character grew up the most towards the end.

“Puppy! Are you truly nothing but a puppy?”


What I liked the most about the story this time around is that the characters got to travel more and being able to do more things than in the first book. However, the whole artifacts mission and the turn of events is what is turning me away for now from this series. It’s just not what I thought this series would turn into. It was pretty fun while it lasted though. The interactions between Firekeeper and the humans with the Royal Beasts were at times hilarious and kept me invested. For now this series is getting shelved.


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